Composition Book 2022

Students in the studio often work on compositions in lessons! Composing music is a great way for students to express themselves, to get a chance to utilize their creativity, and also to learn how to express their musical ideas. Some students write by ear, coming up with music in their heads or on their instruments… Continue reading Composition Book 2022

Online Lesson Tips

This is a list of easy tips to get the most out of online lessons. Use what works for you – Online lessons can be done in a myriad of ways, and different options will work better for one family. Lessons can be done in different formats: Real time: lessons take place in real time.… Continue reading Online Lesson Tips

Composer Elections 2019

The studio worked on a composer elections project this year! Students learned about various eras in musical history, and during the week of the Canadian elections this year, student got to vote for a musical party of their choice. To learn about the various eras in music history, students did a variety of things. We… Continue reading Composer Elections 2019

The Badges Challenge

One of the new activities students took part in last year was a badges challenge.  Students worked hard in lessons to collect a variety of lesson-related badges.  Students could earn badges for playing scales in lessons, practicing, learning music, and taking part in studio events.  Taking part in this activity was a great way for… Continue reading The Badges Challenge

MTNA 2017

I recently returned from the MTNA/CFMTA conference in Baltimore.  It was a lot of fun!  I saw a lot of great speakers, listened to some awesome music.  I am looking forward to using some of the great ideas I heard in my teaching! The first night featured a concert by comedic duo Igudesman & Joo… Continue reading MTNA 2017

Musical Passports

If you’re following the Studio on our Facebook Page, you’ll know we’ve been doing a new activity in the studio this year – musical passports!  We’ve been visiting different countries as a part of our musical travels this year. So far, we’ve visited: Japan, Germany and Austria, and North and South Sudan.  Most of the… Continue reading Musical Passports


Mike Babcock received an honourary doctorate at the University of Saskatchewan at their spring convocation ceremony last week.  This quote came from his acceptance speech.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone.  What better way to celebrate the holiday than to play some music for your valentine?  And if you don’t have a valentine, consider playing some music for someone anyway.  Every holiday is more fun with music!

Welcome to the website!

One of my projects this fall was to create a website – so here it is!  Please take a look around.  For current students, you can find dates regarding our performances.  I also plan to keep the blog updated with my performance and studio activities.