Musical Timeline 2018

Students have been working on a huge musical timeline this year.  This year, we featured composers.

Composer Timeline side 1As you can see, students really filled up the timeline!  We added familiar composers students had played as well as learning about some new ones.   The composers’ age is reflected in the length of their name card.  This made it easy for students to see relative ages, who was contemporary to whom, and also to see who is still composing today.  We listened to compositions and discussed facts about the lives of the composers.  It was really interesting to learn so much about both familiar and unfamiliar musicians.

Composer timeline side 2

We had so much fun with this project, we had to add a second side so we could keep adding composers!

Musical Timeline

In the fall, students started building a musical timeline.  Each composer get their own strip of paper, and students write on their name and dates.  Students often like to add other information too, such as a list of some well-known compositions.  We’ve included composers students are familiar with and have played and have also added some new composers students may not have heard of, which gives us a chance to learn about new music.  Students have also suggested and added a few of their favourites.

Timeline picture

We have been filling up the modern era really fast, so the opposite side of the timeline has been marked with dates as well so that we can continue adding composers even if we run out of room on the first side.

We’ll continue adding composers as the year progresses – you can look forward to more pictures in June, when you’ll get to see the timeline filled up!