New Practicing Challenge

Puffy practicing challenge voting jars

We’ve started a new practicing challenge! Students are trying to play a piece 8 times this week, if they do so, the studio donates a dollar to the World Wildlife Foundation!

Because the World Wildlife does symbolic adoptions for various animals! As such, we have chosen 4 animals. Students get one vote for every 8 times they play a piece. The 4 animals we have chosen are: octopus, muskox, blue-footed booby, and the cheetah.

After are currently at the end of week two, and the voting has been tight! Currently, the octopus has 7 votes, the cheetah has 6, and the blue-footed booby and the muskox both have 5. It will be exciting to see how votes change as we proceed to week three of the challenge!

So far students have earned a 25 dollar donation for the WWF. That means students’ pieces have been played at least 200 times altogether. Wow! They have been doing an awesome job practicing!

A picture of the voting jars for the WWF practicing challenge

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