Spring wrap-up

It was a fun year in the studio!  We started the year with Composer Elections, and in December, we had a practicing challenge.  Brainy the octopus collected food for the food bank for every selection played 8 times during the week.  Students have taken part in the Saskatoon Music Festival, RCM examinations, and studio events.

We had a variety of recitals, including students-only mini-recitals, a visit to a retirement home, and wrapped the year up with the spring recital.  Everyone played well, and I enjoyed hearing the progress students made over the year.

We also collected food for the food bank at our spring recital.  Thanks everyone who brought something.


Food bank donations


I was involved in a some fun performances this year.   I played with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra a few times.  The Bugs Bunny at the Symphony concert was really neat.  The music was tricky, but it was great playing along with cartoons.  I also took part in the Klarinet Kerfuffle.  It was a fun day with clarinettists of all ages taking part.  I enjoyed getting to perform as well as teach a few clinics.

I’m looking forward to another fun year of music making come fall!



Composer Elections

This year in the studio, we had composer elections. This was a fun way to learn a little about music history whilst celebrating the fun of voting!
Election Posters

As you can see, there were four parties running this year.  They were:

  • the Baroque party – leader, J. S. Bach
  • Classical party – leader Franz Joseph Haydn
  • Romantic party – leader Ludwig van Beethoven (who crossed the floor from the Classical party)
  • Modern party – leader Claude Debussy

To learn about these parties, we kept track of all the pieces played by students, listing them by era.  We checked out some books of historical instruments, historical dress, and made timelines featuring musical and-non musical facts.  We also listened to some music from these composers.

Composer Election Ballots

Voting ended on the 19th of October, and here are the results:

  • Baroque party: 20%
  • Classical party: 10%
  • Romantic party: 40%
  • Modern Party 30%

91% of eligible voters cast a vote.  We celebrated the end of elections with a mini recital, playing pieces from various eras and finishing with some music/music history games.  Thanks to all my students for participating.  This was a fun way to start the year, and a great way for students to get to know the history of the music they play a little better.