Welcome Back

The lesson year has started again, and it’s been fun having everyone back in the studio.  We’ve been learning lots of music already, and have been having lots of fun with a special project this year.  We’re electing a composer to fit the theme of national elections later this year.  Look forward to some posts detailing more about that.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the FAQ/come-and-go tea for families.  It was fun to chat about practicing tips and other matters. Students enjoyed showing their parents some of the activities we do in the studio.

Outside the studio, I’ve had the pleasure of doing some beginner band clinics.  I always enjoy meeting students new to their instrument.  Seeing their excitement is always fun, as is helping them with their first music-related lesson.

Please check back here for more updates.  I have a few posts planned to update everyone this term’s news in more detail!


Post-festival news

It’s been a fun month in the studio.  Music festival was last week, and I enjoyed getting the chance to see performances from students from many studios across the city.  My other favorite part of festival is seeing the adjudicators in action.  Hearing teachers from other parts of Canada is really interesting.

Festival is also great preparation for some of the upcoming musical activities, such as recitals and music exams.  It gives students a chance to play their pieces multiple times.  They also get feedback from the teachers as well as having a chance to hear other students their age.  Students may hear new pieces, which is great as we near the end of the term – something fresh can be motivating.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s hard work at the studio recital Saturday.  Happy music making!

Happy New year!

Well, it’s a mighty cold day today in Saskatoon – the temperature with windchill was -48 when I checked this morning.  A good day to be planning a new term of music lessons!

It’s a a busy time of year, and sometimes it can be easy to run out of time for everything.  I recommend sitting at the piano every day – even if there’s only a few minutes of time.  Playing every day, even if it’s just a little, is a great way to keep everything fresh.  Also, practicing is a great activity for the cold days of January!

In the studio, there’s lots to look out for.  There will be another mini-recital or two, our bigger end-of term recital in the spring, music festival, and exams.  Registration dates come up quickly for the festival and exams, so keep these in mind.

Happy music making in the new year, everyone!

Term 1 over!

We’re a few weeks into term two of the music year.  I can’t believe how fast term one went!  There’s been lots of fun things happening in the studio this year.  There was a mini-recital in October, our final concert at the end of November, and some great work by the students!  Next week will be our last week of lessons before the Christmas break – I look forward to one last week of fun before we all go relax.

Outside of lessons, it’s been busy, too.  I had a lot of fun playing with the Polyreeds, my clarinet duo.  We performed in a few places this year, and have already broken out the Christmas music.  We have a few gigs to look forward to this Christmas season.  I’m particularly excited to tour the wards at Royal University Hospital.  It was great fun last time!  I kept busy with other ensembles as well, including the Reedy, Set, Go Clarinet Choir, who performed at the Festival of Trees.  (We made the paper – you can see us preparing for our concert on the Star Phoenix’s website.)  There were other musical adventures, and between them all, I had a fun start to the year.

Happy Holidays, everyone!