Welcome Back

The lesson year has started again, and it’s been fun having everyone back in the studio.  We’ve been learning lots of music already, and have been having lots of fun with a special project this year.  We’re electing a composer to fit the theme of national elections later this year.  Look forward to some posts detailing more about that.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the FAQ/come-and-go tea for families.  It was fun to chat about practicing tips and other matters. Students enjoyed showing their parents some of the activities we do in the studio.

Outside the studio, I’ve had the pleasure of doing some beginner band clinics.  I always enjoy meeting students new to their instrument.  Seeing their excitement is always fun, as is helping them with their first music-related lesson.

Please check back here for more updates.  I have a few posts planned to update everyone this term’s news in more detail!


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