The Galliard Foundation

The Galliard Foundation is a project I really enjoy being involved in.  This group organizes classical music concerts in Saskatoon.  All ages and skill levels are welcome to perform, which makes them a lot of fun.  It’s fun to see musicians from all over the musical community coming together.

The next concert we’re organizing is on February the eighth and is at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Admission is by donation.  One of the pieces being featured at this concerts is a composition we commissioned by Janet Gieck, a local composer.  You can find out more at the group’s facebook page.

Happy New year!

Well, it’s a mighty cold day today in Saskatoon – the temperature with windchill was -48 when I checked this morning.  A good day to be planning a new term of music lessons!

It’s a a busy time of year, and sometimes it can be easy to run out of time for everything.  I recommend sitting at the piano every day – even if there’s only a few minutes of time.  Playing every day, even if it’s just a little, is a great way to keep everything fresh.  Also, practicing is a great activity for the cold days of January!

In the studio, there’s lots to look out for.  There will be another mini-recital or two, our bigger end-of term recital in the spring, music festival, and exams.  Registration dates come up quickly for the festival and exams, so keep these in mind.

Happy music making in the new year, everyone!