Brainy Challenge 2022

Thanks to all students who took part in this year’s Brainy Food Bank Practicing Challenge! Students this year earned over $55 dollars for the food bank! This challenge is named after studio mascot Brainy the Octopus.

A picture of stacks of cans of food bank food arranged into a mini concert hall
A picture of the final food haul, arranged into a concert hall by a student

How did this work? Students recieved three practicing challenges over the course of three weeks. If they completed their challenge for the week (playing a song or part of a song 8 times, for example) they would earn a one dollar donation to the food bank.

Students did a great job this year, and parents also matched donations. Wow! In total, we were able to donate 5 bags of food to the food bank. My local vet’s office was also collecting cat food for cats as well, so you can see some of that in the bags as well. To make sure all the foods were divvied up correctly, the food was dropped of a local vet’s office that was collecting food for both. Thanks everyone for your great work practicing!

The final food donation picture! All the paper bags were donated by the studio.

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