Composer Elections 2019

The studio worked on a composer elections project this year! Students learned about various eras in musical history, and during the week of the Canadian elections this year, student got to vote for a musical party of their choice.

To learn about the various eras in music history, students did a variety of things. We listened to music, learned what eras our pieces came from, and talked about what sorts of music were written in the various periods.

Baroque era poster

For the Baroque era, students got to try the harpsichord setting on the studio’s keyboard, plus students got to learn how to make inventions. Little activities like this helped students to learn some facts about a variety of musical time periods!

Modern Party Poster

The results of the election are as follows:

  • 100% of eligable studio voters voted!
  • The Modern Party won with 50% of the popular vote
  • The Romantic Party came in second with 40% of the vote
  • The Baroque Party came in third with 10%
  • And the Classical Party came in last with 0% of the vote

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