Spring practicing advice

Spring is here, and that means lots of musical events for students!  It can be a tricky time of year to find practice time, so here are a few tips to help students keep up the hard work work as Music Festival and exams get closer.

A regular schedule

A great way to make sure practicing happens regularly is to have a special time of day set aside, and to use the same time all practicing days of the week.  If we know that a particular time of day is especially for music, that can make it easier to do.

Practice often

Practicing a little every day (I recommend at least five days a week) is another great way.  Even if you only have five minutes, that’s enough time to practice some technique, work on a tricky passage, or practice perform a piece.  Being consistent about playing every day is really helpful, and keeps memories from lesson and previous practice sessions fresh.

A little help from my friends (or parents)

Having someone there can be helpful.  Parents can get involved by being around when the child is practicing, so they feel less isolated.  Positive reinforcement is best encouragement.  Do not use practicing as a punishment for other activities in their lives.  Let them know you appreciate the hard work they do when they practice.  Sit in on a pretend  performance, and get other supportive family members to do the same.

Keep an eye on the blog, and your emails, for updates.  Happy March everyone!

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