Brainy’s Food Bank Challenge 2021

This year for Brainy’s Foodbank Challenge, brainy built a castle in the studio to show the student’s fundraising progress!

How does this challenge work? Students are given one challenge for the week. Inspired by our studio mascot, Brainy the Octopus, students must try to play a song eight times during the week! If they make all eight times, they earn a dollar donation to the food bank from the studio. The challenge runs for 3 weeks, so the students have a chance to earn up to three dollars from the studio, plus extra as parents are able to match donations.

I always take pictures of Brainy’s food bank shopping trip and the drop off after. In this picture we can see Brainy and Puffy the puffin getting ready for their trip. They have a list, their credit card, and made sure to have their own face masks & sanitizer so they would be in line with the guidlines for shopping at the time.

In total this year, students earned over $50 dollars for the foodbank. Wow! Parents were able to match donations, which helped add to the amount we were able to donate. We had four full backs of food to drop off. Wow! You can see the amount raised represented here with food:

Thanks again for taking part, and I look forward to seeing how the studio does next year!

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