Saskatoon RMT Presentation

Technological Quirks in the Studio

Here’s a summary of some of the materials I covered in my presentation for the Saskatoon RMT this morning.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

Ipad-related Apps

  • A couple of the apps I use most that came with my ipad are:
    • The Timer – great for limiting the length of games in lesson (I usually go with 2 minutes)
    • Photos
        • I use this app to keep track of students’ library books – I take a picture of the students’ book with their library card, and keep the photo on my device until the book is returned


        • Keeping track of music or apps you want to purchase
        • photographing activities in the studio

      Otto McOtter

    • Notes
      • You can include photos in your notes, and drawings.  Great for taking notes in workshops!
      • You can create your own check-off-able to-do lists
  • Other Apps I use
    • Decide Now – great for use with indecisive students!
    • Tenuto – this app’s materials can also be found on the website
    • GoodNotes – useful as a whiteboard, can import pictures and pdf documents and write on them
    • Flashnote Derby – note naming app
    • Music Memos – an app made by apple.  It is free, great for recording, and very simple design.  I love it!
    • Metronome pro
    • Habitica – an online website that keeps track of to-do list items and daily activities.  Also available as an app.  This website is best used by adults or students old enough to understand internet safety rules.
    • Those are the apps I use most often, but there are many more!
  • A couple other apps came up in discussion – apps mentioned by other teachers include:


Other tools I use:

  • I love Avery business card and sticker templates – they are great to use for making flashcards and stickers.  The two I use most are White Mailing Labels (6.7 cm X 2.5 cm), and Ivory Business Cards.  Templates can be downloaded from the Avery Website

Avery creations

Other great online resources:

  • Facebook Piano teacher groups – my favorite is Piano Teacher Central
  • Susan Paradis’ website. – this is where I printed many of the activities found in my binder of music games
  • Compose Create – where I got rhythm cups from

Feel free to check out my Studio’s Facebook Page also!

A few apps I use that didn’t make it into the presentation – some honourable mentions for you!

  • Rhythm cat – an app to practice rhythm with students (there’s a free and a paid version – link is to the free version)
  • Treble cat and Bass cat – reinforces note reading in the bass and treble staff (link takes to you to a bundle of apps – these can be purchased seperately)
  • Musiclock – this app has a number of sound loops, so students can practice improvisation or have more fun with their scales.
  • Easy music – ear training for very young beginners