November Composition Project 2017

For November, students are working on compositions!  This is a great month to work on this as it’s also National Novel Writing Month – a nice time of year to create new things!  We’re composing using a variety of methods.  Some students are writing their songs out by hand and others are beginning by putting songs they’ve already finished into Musscore, a notation program.  Students who are writing them out by hand will get help from me to input them into the computer, so at the end of this process, all will have a typewritten copy of the music they have made.

A handwritten composition

We’re writing compositions using a variety of methods.  Some students are using dice and the composition wheel on my “Decide Now” app to help them write.  (Composers of modern music call this ‘aleatoric’ music – there’s a cool word you can use in conversation!)  We’ve also composed by selecting a rhythm and inventing a melody to suit it.  A few students are composing songs by ear at home, so they are at the stage of typing them up.  We do this in lesson – it’s a great way for students to see how notation works and to learn more about notes and rhythms.

It’s been fun to hear all the interesting compositions students come up with – we’ll continue to work on these throughout the month of November and into December.

Composing for NaNoWriMo

This year in the studio we worked on composing music during the month of November.  November seemed a great time to do this as it’s also National Novel Writing Month.  Thus, it seemed like a good time of year to be working on a musical kind of composing!  All students worked on writing pieces, and after November finished, I typed them up in a music notation program.  Since then, we’ve been adding and editing what we’d written so far.  it was a lot of fun, and was a great opportunity for students to try their hand at creating their own music!

Staff paper and Pen