The Badges Challenge

One of the new activities students took part in last year was a badges challenge.  Students worked hard in lessons to collect a variety of lesson-related badges.  Students could earn badges for playing scales in lessons, practicing, learning music, and taking part in studio events.  Taking part in this activity was a great way for students to appreciate all the hard work they’d done in lessons.

The full list of badges is a few pages long, but here’s a very small sampling of badges:Examples of various badges

At the end of each term, students also had the opportunity to design their own badge.  I asked students to make a badge about something they thought they’d done a great job at in lessons.  It was great hearing students talk about what they were proud of!

Students collected their badges on a sheet of construction paper all year, which they got to take home in June to show off.  Here’s part of one student’s sheet of badges:

Badges example

MTNA 2017

I recently returned from the MTNA/CFMTA conference in Baltimore.  It was a lot of fun!  I saw a lot of great speakers, listened to some awesome music.  I am looking forward to using some of the great ideas I heard in my teaching!

Puffy admiring a view of Baltimore

Puffy the puffin, my travel buddy, admiring the view from our hotel room.

The first night featured a concert by comedic duo Igudesman & Joo (they’ve got a youtube channel).  It was a hilarious concert.

The next couple of days featured masterclasses, interesting talks from a wide variety of teachers, and an exhibition.  There was a lot to see there, too, including sheet music, pianos, piano technicians, and more.

Puffy the puffin at a piano

Puffy the puffin saw lots of cool stuff at the conference!

Musical Passports

If you’re following the Studio on our Facebook Page, you’ll know we’ve been doing a new activity in the studio this year – musical passports!  We’ve been visiting different countries as a part of our musical travels this year.

So far, we’ve visited: Japan, Germany and Austria, and North and South Sudan.  Most of the countries covered so far (and those on the list for upcoming weeks) were requests by students.  It’s been fun to listen to music from other places, and interesting to see what countries students request!

Musical Passports